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    10 times faster & safer ePowerPress - The modern wordpress alternative & replacement!

    ePowerPress App script by - The modern wordpress alternative!

    1. Download ePowerPress & see how to do a quick installation to power your website! A lite but 7 times more powerful modern wordpress alternative!
    2. No need to install 50 plugins on top of core installation for security, for SEO, for sitemaps, for HTML editor, for etc etc. All of that comes with the core PowerPress itself!
    3. Modern script, coded for PHP 7.3, but also works on older PHP versions.
    4. Powerful admin panel allows you to customize how your website functions, like a regular website, like a forum, like a blog, or even like a complete social network!
    5. Sell PPC or PPV ads directly, without having to use a third party ads provider.
    6. Publish articles, pictures, videos just like how you do on a blog, but with more features, like fluid videos that adjust to different screen sizes automatically!
    7. Builtin system to design landing pages for special offers and more, 100% customizable, each landing page can even load its own theme to match your targetted requirement!
    8. Inbuilt functionality to track performance of marketing campaigns, by tracking hits on landing pages, geo info, browser device information, and referring domains!
    9. Builtin directory system which allows you to exchange links with other webmasters and similar websites, providing a more useful website overall.
    10. Simple and 100% customizable website design, perfect for both mobile browsers and regular browsers. Installing themes is as easy as uploading a file to "Themes" folder!
    11. You can choose to publish content yourself alone, or allow just selected few admins to publish content, or even allow all your website visitors to start new topics adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis!
    12. Lots of member features which allow members to maintain a full-fledged profile, newsfeed and timeline like how you see on facebook or twitter!
    13. Ability to load plugins and add ons makes it easy to add features to the basic framework, without having to modify the original code at all! 13PP's ePowerPress with: Stock market plugin and with Baby names plugin

    Download the latest ePowerPress App script here
    Why setup a lame wordpress blog, when you can instead setup a mini social network community, in the same hosting cost? You do not need a costly dedicated server for the script, a simple shared hosting account is more than enough.

    Its server load and mysql load is much less than a regular wordpress blog, and produces a much more cleaner HTML!!! Wordpress is now merely the choice of freelance designers, novice webmasters who do not know the first thing about HTML, and retirees-turned webmasters who are still living in 1999.
    Nobody sensible will ever use wordpress for their content management. Read why you should not use WP anymore. More about Power Press App

    ePowerPress plugin calls and hooks

    List of available hooks and calls for ePowerPress More about Power Press Plugin Calls

    How to code theme files for ePowerPress

    Coding themes for ePowerPress is easy and quick. Most of the work is done by stylesheet, and not the HTML files themselves. All you need is one single HTML file with certain tags and you are done! More about How To Code Themes For Power Press

    How to code a ePowerPress plugin

    If you can code a PHP function, then you can as easily code a PowerPress plugin! More about How To Code Power Press Plugin

    Get in touch with core team of ePowerPress developers

    If you wish to order a custom plugin for ePowerPress, or need some other help, get in touch with us here More about get In Touch

    ePowerPress, modern wordPress alternative, 10x safer & faster!

    10 times faster & safer ePowerPress - The modern wordpress alternative & replacement!

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